Nova II - Laser Power Meter and Laser Energy Meter

By Raymax Lasers

Ophir smart displays are true plug and play instruments. Just plug in any of the more than 70 Ophir smart heads and the instrument is calibrated and configured to measure laser power and energy with that smart-heads detectors.
Only Ophir offers this feature with all types of photodiode, thermal and pyroelectric smart-heads detectors. Nanowatts to Kilowatts, nanoJoules to Kilojoules - one display will do it all. This means your Ophir displays are obsolescence free - you can always add a new head to your system. You can also add a new display to your system and any display will be compatible with any smart-head detector.

  • compatible with all Ophir thermopile, pyroelectric and photodiode detectors
  • large, high definition LCD display
  • Both digital and analog needle display
  • USB and RS232 output to PC with Statistics package
  • analog output
  • Soft keys and menu driven functions with on line help
  • log every data point at >1000Hz with pyroelectric heads
  • non-volatile data storage up to 50,000 points
  • laser tuning screen and power log
  • 2 position kickstand