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Fri Aug 17 2018

ESD safe , conductive, Anti-Static container box


Dynsto Pty Ltd is an innovative company, situated in Queensland that specializes in dynamic storage systems of the highest quality which provide clever solutions for storage and handling of materials with difficult sizes.

We directly represent FAMI spa, a market leading European (Italian) manufacturer known for the highest available quality in drawer
cabinets, workbenches, NC tooling systems storage, ESD safe conductive Anti-static container box, bins etc.

FAMI ESD safe, Anti-static Conductive stacking container box ESD ZEUS - COMPAT

Capacity : from 0.25 till 42 litres

Base material : Polypropylene copolymer ( PPC )

Conductivity additive : Carbon black

Colour : Black

* Special Conductive Plastic FAMI 408L
* Particularly suitable for the Electronics Industry

* For automatic storage systems

* For automatic handling

* For manual handling

* Shock resistant