Reduce Manual Labour with CASI Automatic Shipping and Manifest Systems

The Automatic Shipping and Manifest Systems of Cornerstone Automation Systems by (CASI) is composed of the SolidShip Carrier Interface Software, SolidLabel Labelling and Controls Software, and SolidComm Host Interface Software. This system can replace up to 4 manual operators, which in turn cuts down labour costs. Shipping areas that usually require manual manifest stations can benefit greatly from this system, particularly in scanning, weighing, cubing, and shipping label application.


This innovative automated shipping and manifest system provides solutions for increasing accuracy and process time for single carrier, multi-carrier, and multi-line systems. The automatic shipping and manifest system can easily perform order ID scanning and lookup, weight checking for shipping weight, pickup detail verification, automatic printing and application of shipping labels, verification scans to ensure correct shipping details, rejection of exceptions like unreadable and bad shipping labels and wrong shipping weight, and sorting of parcels to carrier, postal code and service type.



The CASI Rules Based Shipping Software


The interface of the CASI SolidShip software offers reliable rule-based carrier applications that are also used by global shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL, Australia post and others. This creates a system that performs an automated in-line manifesting for multiple carriers —all on the same line. This system is ideal for managing manifest of daily bulk shipping, minimising labour costs, eliminating human error, and improving ROI in months time.



The CASI Labelling and Controls Software for Multi-Carrier Shipping 


For all rate shoppers using Pitney Bowes, ClipperShip, ProShip, CLS and other shopping rating software, the CASI Labelling and Controls Software for Multi-Carrier Shipping uses the SolidShip and SolidLabel software to seamlessly generate labels, make use of the interface rate shopping software and quickly and accurately verify shipping label to its intended package.



CASI provides you with custom shipping systems that is ideal for managing single and multi-carrier shipping operations.


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