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Thu Jan 17 2019

Wing Compressors

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

Kockums Bulk Systems’ Wing Compressor is unique and very different from the conventional Roots- or reciprocating type compressors today. The Wing Compressor is a low speed, quiet and rugged device designed for low maintenance and many years of hard service. The unequalled performance and reliability of this compressor is legendary in the powder handling industry.

The Wing Compressor can be found throughout Australia’s Cement industry and on many road tankers transporting powders. It is most commonly used for cement powder, iron oxide, calcium carbonate, coke powder, fly ash, carbon black and many more.

The device is designed to be completely oil-free with minimal vibration and noise. The compressor has low power consumption and can be driven by an electric motor or directly off a truck’s PTO.

Strip maintenance is recommended after 4,000hr but units are recorded as successfully achieving 10,000hr.