Valve Bag Packers - Air Packers

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

The air packer PFG-10 is purposely designed to fill powders or granular products into valve bags. The device is used in many diverse industries such as mining, construction, chemical, milling, feeds and many more. It will pack products like resins and fatty products, PVC powders, and fine dusty powders. It is designed to deliver fast, accurate and dependable filling. The machine includes an air chamber, weighing system, decompression valves, pressurization valve, product inlet valve, and high and trickle feed outlet valve to manage the exit rate of the product.


The machine offers great savings on operating expenses as it has very few moving parts, simply the opening and closing of valves. Operating the device is very straight forward and simple too. The operator places the empty bag onto the filling spout and the machine will do the rest automatically. The device can be combined with the CSV Automatic bag placer to get highest efficiency and also provides a useful solution when handling products that are a risk to your worker’s health.


The machine commences by first filling the chamber with the product, having set the butterfly regulator in an open position. Using low pressure air, the product is then fluidized in a porous diffuser before it enters the chamber from the below. The beginning of the cycle is activated once a bag is placed at the product discharge. The bag filling cycle process is as follows: the bag is tightly held in place by the bag gripping tool, the pressurization valve and the feed shut-off device are opened while at the same time, the decompression chamber’s equilibrium valve and butterfly valve are concurrently closed. The product then flows uniformly from the chamber into the bag. The feed is then reduced to a trickle when a pre-selected weight is reached until the target weight is achieved. The bag is then released and the cycle starts again.


An STV valve bag sealing system can be installed on the PFG-10 to provide a more consistent solution to closing valve bags.


Depending on the product to be bagged and the specifications, weight, and size of the bag to be filled, a rate of 240 bags/hr is achievable, including the ultrasound sealing of valve bags. A valve bag must contain a sleeve or an exterior valve that has a laminate of polyethylene, or heat-sealable material.