The Autobox IBC System

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

The Autobox IBC System was invented and patented by KBS to enable granular and powder products to be metered directly into process from ‘knock down’ type boxes without double handling or dust emissions.


The boxes are fitted with plastic liners to contain the powder product. The lid is removed from the box, then a cone assembly fitted in the turnover module. Once inverted, the box becomes an IBC which can be taken to a discharge station for the product to be discharged in a controlled and dust free manner to the next process. Products are kept in a totally sealed environment during storage and the boxes may be stacked securely to reduce floor storage space. The device also allows partial emptying and it is possible to remove a partially empty IBC from the docking station without any spillage. To reduce the size and lessen return freight the empty boxes are dismantled and folded.