Stretch Hooding and Shrink Wrapping Equipment

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

Stretch hooding and shrink wrapping are commonly used in industry to cover palletized goods like sacks or boxes providing both protection and stability. It is specifically used by food companies to cost-effectively achieve great brand visibility, high pallet load strength and superior load protection.


Stretch Hooding is a technique where a tube of film is fed into a machine, measured for the height of the pallet, welded shut at the top end, stretched out and then pulled over the pallet load to hold it tightly. The ‘hood’ gives the best load firmness as the stretch film used has both horizontal and vertical holding forces. The hood is also both dust- and waterproof.

The Hooders offered by Kockums can achieve capacities of up to 180 pallet loads/hour for full, ½ or ¼ pallets.

Hooding is an economical way of covering a pallet with low energy consumption and lower film consumption compared to rotary wrapping.


Shrink Wrapping is a similar technique except the ‘hood’ is shrunk on the pallet using a low heat source. Capacities of 200+ pallets/hour are possible.