Solimar Fluidisers

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

The Solimar Fluidisers were developed to aerate product in hoppers and silos promoting flow and rapid emptying of powders from these vessels.

Designed with directional AirFlow, air is forced out radially from the disc travelling along the bin wall, freeing the product and ensuring good clean-out. The disc design also prevents product from entering and plugging the airline.


The airflow through the disc generates a gentle vibration aiding aeration of the product and promoting flow.

Discs are very robust and does not tear when cut, is impervious to moisture and can stand temperatures of up to to 175° C for some versions. The material used in the standard models is blue or white silicon rubber (FDA approved), or black or white EPDM.


The device comes with numerous combinations of fittings, airlines, and stems to suit your purpose. It fits both square and conical bins and it comes with an “EZ-in” kit for installation from outside the bin.