Rotary Table Wrappers

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

The Rotary Table type stretch wrapper is ideal for wrapping light and unstable loads at a rate of upto 12 pallets/hr. For weather proofing a top sheet applicator can also be incorporated into the equipment.

The wrapping speed can be adjusted by the operator with minimum acceleration and deceleration to enable a controlled application of the film. The film is pre-stretch as it is applied to the pallet, and returns to its original memory shortly after wrapping. Once the film has returned to is original memory, a force is applied to the palletised goods, ensuring that the pallet stack becomes one stable mass.

Wrappers can accomodate various pallet size and apply different thickness film to suit the application.

The wrapper can be supplied as a simple manual operation right though to a fully automated Palletising and Wrapping system.