Rotary Lump Breakers

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

The Rotary Lump Breakers have been very useful in industries like chemical, food, fertilizers, plastics, confectionery and minerals. Originally developed by our sister company Control Automation, the lump breakers are designed to break up formed agglomerates and friable chunks into granules and dry powders. They are often used to break lumps into powders before pneumatic conveying, blending, feeding, and sifting. They may even be used for size reduction on some products.


The device has moderately low operating speeds, which reduces fine dust, temperature or product degradation. The device is made with changeable and removable screens from 1.6mm upwards. There are models available for DIP and Atex hazardous areas, and with quick-release models for easier clean down. The device has hardened blades and it reconstitutes the product to enhance flow-ability, for downstream processing and consistency.