Protema Lift Trolleys

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

Protema Lifts Trolleys were designed specifically to deal with handling goods that a person (sometimes with a helper) was previously expected to carry. In recent times, as lifting mass and ‘periods of lift’ limitations have appeared through OH&S rules for the safety of staff, this device was developed and enhanced to fit a wide range of applications.

Even regularly carrying lighter goods can be burdensome during a full work day, which may result in strain injuries and accidents. With Protema lift trolleys however, these situations can be avoided. And heavier and more objects may be carried together, often leading to a smaller number of lifts being needed.

This device can be configured for applications such as gripping, reel & drum handling, rotating, lifting, tipping and carrying. Its range includes safe lifting capabilities from 7kgs to 200kgs while still being mobile. Tailor-made lifts are also available to fit your need. A Protema lift trolley is sure to boost efficiency, safety and productivity within your business.