Posi-flate Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valves

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

The Posi-flate Inflatable Seated Butterfly Valves are designed to eliminate the friction normally required for butterfly valves to seal. The seal is achieved by using an inflatable valve seat which is deflated when the valve is open and inflated when the valve is closed. The valve disc moves freely and therefore requires a much smaller actuator for control resulting in lower energy costs.

When closed, air pressure inflates the seat against the disc giving an even distribution of pressure for a bubble-tight seal. There is minimal disc impingement because the seat only makes informal contact with the disc all through the opening and closing movement, which is in direct contrast to conventional butterfly valves.

The Posi-flate butterfly valves outperformed all other valves during documented field applications on an actual comparison tests. Even in exceedingly abrasive applications, it is common for a Posi-flate valve life to achieve one to three million cycles. It is incomparable when working in dry solids applications, gases and slurry.

The standard valve fits both metric and ANSI flanges, and sizes range from 50mm(2”) to 750mm(30”). The valves are offered as parts or complete packages including limit switches, controls and actuators to suit most applications. The inflatable seat makes up for wear automatically giving a long service life for the valve.