Paddle Mixers

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

Kockums’ Paddle Mixers present a high efficiency mixer that delivers fast, thorough and uniform mixing of a range of products. Its scooping and lifting mechanisms involve blades working in a criss-cross mixing configuration giving a homogenous mix even when handling a range of ingredients with varying bulk densities. Its paddle design allows thorough cleaning and positive discharge. Its heavy duty construction is built to last and to withstand tough working environments.


Key features:

- This paddle mixer can handle batches of 150 to 1600 litres

- Higher production rate - compared to Ribbon blenders, this mixer runs up to ten times faster

- Its gentle mixing action minimises product degradation

- Ideal for handling fragile or abrasive products

- Homogenous mixing of materials

- Overlapped paddles are designed to ensure no dead spots and minimise product accumulation

- Its paddle blades are curved and shaped to the contour of the bowl and a close clearance tolerance guarantees positive discharge and easy clean out

- Partial mix batches are able to be worked as thoroughly as full batches

- Ideal for mix cycles involving the gradual addition of manual or spray bar liquid

- Ideal in mixing powders and granules in one batch

- Mixer may be fitted with a de-lumper attachment to prevent agglomeration

- Open style mixing paddle and shaft allows easy cleaning action

- May easily be configured to allow continuous mixing and discharge