Olds Elevator

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

"What a unique device this is. Imagine replacing a bucket elevator with something that won't break down, is unaffected by material temperature, can handle wet or damp product and only has one moving part... brilliant, read on!"

- Joe Taylor, Editor of


The Olds Elevator presents a novel method for vertically elevating bulk materials. The Olds Elevator looks similar to a screw feeder except for the fact that the screw is stationary and the casing rotates. Bulk materials are scooped up and vertically elevated in a smooth and gentle operation. Its metered delivery rate can be controlled from zero to several hundred RPM by using a variable speed drive.

Kockums’ Olds Elevator is the ideal solution for lifting fragile and difficult to handle materials. Respected bulk materials handling industry experts agree; the machine performs better than other screw elevators in a wide range of applications. Currently, Olds Elevators are installed and operational in 5 countries.