Okura Robots Designed For Palletising

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

The state-of-the-art robotic palletiser series by Okura, Japan, represented by Kockums in Australia, is specifically developed for palletising duties. The user interface is friendly and the operating system provides maximum flexibility and reliability.

A range of end effectors makes for a versatile machine able to handle a broad range of products, slip sheets, and pallets without the need for tool changes. It is designed to service up to three simultaneous production lines while using very little floor space.

The robotic programs and controls featured by Kockums/Okura present a user-friendly and do-it-yourself solution to controlling operations with 50 default standard product patterns included and the ability to add your own patterns to suit your specific stacking requirements.

Kockums/Okura has more than 150 end effectors to choose from to best fit your material handling and palletising needs.

An Okura robot with the correct end effector can easily handle bags, cartons, barrels, pails, crates, boxes, bottles and more.The Okura robotic palletiser can easily and safely be integrated into your production line to ensure production runs at maximum capacity and efficiency.

If you have limited factory space and you need to optimise operational speed and minimise operation costs, the A-series robotic palletiser makes an ideal solution:

Model A700 Robotic Palletiser - Designed to handle up to 12 cycles per minute of bags and up to 10 cycles per minute of cases, the A700 is ideal to manage medium speed hand-palletising operations. This low cost upgrade can readily be implemented into an existing production line.

Model A1600 Robotic Palletiser - Designed to handle up to 25 cycles per minute of bags and up to 20 cycles per minute of cases, the versatile A1600 can handle products from up to three production lines, maximising the working envelope. It makes an ideal choice for operations in limited workspace. The A1600 gives you the best robotic palletising solution in the material handling industry.

With the Kockums expertise and many years of experience, these Okura robots designed specifically for palletizing, present an opportunity to ensure that your new material handling system integrates smoothly and efficiently with your existing plant.