K40 Sack Tipping Cabinet

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

If you are looking for a reliable sack tip station with dust extraction and waste sack compaction, the K40 Sack Tipping Cabinet is your solution. The manual K40 achieves an impressive rate of 40 to 100 bags per hour while the automatic K400 sack opener is capable of 400 to 600 sacks per hour.

Operation is simple :

·      Position the sack on the resting shelf of the K40 Sack Tipping Cabinet.

·      Manually cut the side of the sack with a knife and gently roll the bag to empty its contents. The product falls into the hopper, and dust is contained using a dust extraction system.

·      Feed the empty sack through the rear portion of the cabinet into the sack compactor.

·      Grab the next sack using safe lifting techniques or a Kockums VacuEasylift unit.

Key features:

-       K40 uses a hinged door with gas struts for easy access.

-       The built-in K20 sack compactor takes care of the remnant bags cleanly.

-       Dust is contained with an in-built dust extraction system complete with a pulse cleaning system.

-       Versions are ideal for operations in DIP and hazardous environments