K20 Sack Compactors

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

The K20 Sack Compactors are designed to provide a hygienic system for disposal of paper sacks and cardboard whilst also reducing the volume of waste material for disposal.

The machine receives waste product via a feed chute above a screw feeder. The screw feeder moves the product through a compactor funnel, compressing the product before it enters a plastic tube connected to the funnel.

The operator feeds a long length of tube over the compactor nozzle, and clamps the tube to the nozzle by using the special ‘O’ ring. Once the operator ties a knot in the open end of the tube, the system is ready for operation.

As waste or disposed material is fed through the machine, the product compacts against the tied end of the plastic tube and extrudes the plastic tube off the compactor funnel. Once a manageable length of compacted tube is reached, the operator will release the remaining plastic from under the O-ring and tie off the open end. With this system, residual product or dust is contained within a plastic tube, thereby minimising the mess during operation.

Kockums Bulk Systems’ K20 Sack Compactors may be used as a stand alone unit, or work with the Kockums sack tipping unit, giving you a complete and dust-free emptying system for sacks.