Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

This fully automated Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine (HFFS) By Payper, Spain and represented by Kockums Bulk Systems in Australia, is designed to meet a wide range of applications where bags are formed from rolls of plastic film.

The Payper range of ASSAC HFFS machines are very popular in the Fertiliser, Chemical and Petrochemical markets across the globe due to its ability to precisely meet the high specifications demanded by aggressive environments.


Key features:

- Innovative, eye-catching design

- HFFS can produce up to 2000 bags per hour (5 to 50 kg bag sizes)

- The machine’s mechanisms are controlled by frequency converters, giving you the most innovative drive system on the market

- The machine is designed to minimise harsh starting and stopping, which means less mechanical fatigue on its components

- Designed to work quietly

- The control cabinets are incorporated in the chassis resulting in a compact installation.

- The machine layout is compact whilst still allowing easy access for maintenance

- Its self-adjusting features can be controlled using touch-screen controls

- For easy operation, it’s self diagnosis touch-screen includes status data that allows users to address operational issues on the spot.


Overall, this automated HFFS machine gives superior value for money in terms of productivity and reliability, which means quicker return on your investment.