By HG Farley LaserLab Co. Pty. Ltd

The Farley LaserLab Hercules is designed for the light to medium machinery and structural steel market where there are usually fewer operations on a plate and speed is more important and capital budgets are more constrained. While less expensive, it shares many of the key concepts such as twin pinion drives, fully programmable spindle, plate clamping, automatic tool changing etc. but on Lighter plates wit holes up to 32mm (1¼”) diameter. Where the hole diameter is about the same or greater than the plate thickness, the Hercules is faster than the larger machines.

Key benefits:

  • Proven savings throughout your operation
  • The benefits of a single installation for full plate working extend beyond the obvious labour and materials handling savings.
  • Dramatic reductions in lead time and floorspace.
  • Simplified production planning and lower storage costs.