ENTECON - Aero Mechanical Conveyors

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

The Aero Mechanical Conveyor (AMC) by Kockums Bulk Systems is well proven with thousands of installations across the globe. Over the last four decades, AMC’s have demonstrated efficiency and reliability for handling more than 500 different powder and granular products in an enclosed working environment.

The tubular construction is designed to accommodate a tensioned wire rope with equally spaced plastic discs running between terminal sprockets. The cable and discs travel at high linear speeds in order to create an airflow wherein the material is entrained. Effectively, the AMC fluidises the product by surrounding each particle with air thereby minimising damage and segregation while achieving a high throughput.

The AMC Advantage:

- Gently conveying product at high throughput rates with minimal damage and segregation

- Creates an airtight system that effectively prevents the release of product or dust to the atmosphere

- Able to negotiate corners, making it easy to suit building layouts and reach multiple distribution points

- Designed for compact single drive and multipath configurations to reduce transfer points

- Able to run at any angle with no spills or ‘fall back’ of product

- Designed to meet CE directives and supporting standards, making it an ideal choice for hazardous environments (ATEX certification may be supplied)

- Purge cleaning system ensures no contamination of products

- Low maintenance, and locally supported by servicing team and parts

- High-grade, durable construction