Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

Kockums Bulk Systems is the trusted name for pneumatic conveying vessels for powders and granules over distances of up to 2000 meters. The company’s Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying equipment provides a low maintenance and reliable solution for carrying powder and granular products, making it the top choice for pneumatic conveying vessels in Australian, New Zealand and overseas applications. This equipment is designed to allow ease and efficiency in handling products such as fly ash, cement, bentonite, sand, sugar, limestone, calcite, carbon black, dry mix, lime and soda ash to name but a few of the products handled to date.


Benefits of using the Kockums Bulk Systems Dense Phase Conveying system includes:

- Ideal for handling powders, and abrasive products

- Deliver high transfer rates of 1-200 Te/hr

- Quick and easy connection using a small pipeline to the remote hopper. Small diameter pipelines are easy to route in a congested production plant.

- Easy vertical lift of bulk materials

- Mess and dust free transfer

- Systems are designed to suit a client’s specific requirements

- High quality valves for tough and harsh working environments are used

- Low maintenance, long service life