Container Unloading System

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

For many years, the use of ISO freight containers for storage and shipping of powdered bulk solids like fly ash, flour and other powdered chemicals has been viewed as an attractive option. However, the option comes with a few challenges particularly when it comes to getting the powder out of the container. Powdered materials tend to compact and form lumps during transport making it very difficult to retrieve.

To retrieve powders from a container, the material has to be aerated first before it is extracted by manual tipping or with the use of a suck and blow vessel.

Modified containers with inbuilt aeration systems are available but are often very expensive and limited in their use for general freight.

Kockums Bulk Systems recognized the need for an economical alternative to improve the unloading of containers and created the KOCKUMAT - a fluidizing mat designed to be compatible with the current systems of polyethylene container liners and cardboard bulkheads. KOCKUMAT are single use items and available in disposable or recyclable format.

Kockums Bulk Systems is known for its innovative pneumatic conveying systems like the Kockums KT75 shown in the image. This pneumatic conveyor system is a well proven option for the transfer of powders from containers to bulk storage silos.