Clyde Dome Valves

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

From the professionals in powder handling; a high performance, long lasting, reliable dome valve for the harshest conditions.

Dome Valves from Kockums Bulk Systems are currently used in over 10,000 applications worldwide. This valve is ATEX compliant—designed to work as an air operated, fast closing cut-off valve with a unique inflatable sealing mechanism that establishes a secure and pressure tight seal. Known as the world’s best dome valve, this product is designed to provide a high performance valve that suits the demands of a full spectrum of industrial operations.

If you are looking for heavy-duty replacements for valves that are costing you much down time and money, the Clyde Dome Valve is a serious candidate. This valve is designed to be a simple, high performance valve with low maintenance. When used in the right application, it is capable of returning more than a million maintenance free cycles, even in hazardous, abrasive and toxic working environment.

Key Features:

·      Full bore material flow - The unique design of the dome valve has the dome move completely out of the flow path when opened resulting in unrestricted full bore material flow. And it only takes a quarter turn to render the valve fully open or fully closed.

·      The valve is able to handle a wide variety of materials - from fine abrasive materials to cohesive materials.

·      The dome of the valve comes in a range of material options and surface coatings, usually cast iron, S G iron or stainless steel but other materials can be considered to suit system designs and specifications.

·      With a variety of seal material available, the Clyde Dome Valve is able to handle hostile applications such as high temperature ash through to clean applications such as food.

·      Moving and static column cut off - Clyde Dome Valves are suited to handle fine grain materials to hard abrasive products. The Vane Actuator Models can easily cut through the material’s static columns—for up to 2mm particle size. Also, they are able to cut through columns of pastes, powders, and granular products such as coal above 2mm. The Cylinder Actuator models are designed to handle static columns of materials above 2mm. 

·      Fast acting

·      Able to cut through a static or moving column of product

·      Valve is resistant to wear even when subjected to harsh working environment

·      Designed to allow full bore material flow

·      Can withstand up to 480 degree Celsius

·      Can handle up to 30 barg

·      Ideal in handling abrasive products

·      Low maintenance