Clark Gas/Diesel Forklifts: CMP 50/60/70/75s M Series

By Clark Equipment

Pneumatic Tyre Forklift

CMP50 5000 kg

CMP60 6000 kg

CMP70 7000 kg

CMP75S 7500 kg

Yard applications in heavy manufacturing, Building materials handling, Stevedoring and Warehousing

Features & Options:

  • Dual drive tires
  • 80 in. (2040 mm) wide fork carriage, high visibility uprights
  • Shaft mounted forks
  • Full light package included
  • Single auxillary valve included
  • Isolated operator cell
  • Full access clamshell hood
  • Perkins 1004.4 diesel engine with vertical exhaust
  • GM 4.3 liter V6 LPG engine
  • Pre cleaner included
  • Durable ZF planetary drive axle
  • CLARK T12000 three-speed transmission
  • Electronic shift control
  • Two-pedal inch-brake system
  • Setting new standards for operator comfort and productivity