Clark Gas/Diesel Forklifts: CMP 40/45/50s M Series

By Clark Equipment

Pneumatic Tyre Forklift

CMP40 4000 kg
CMP45 4500 kg
CMP50S 5000 kg

Manufacturing, Building materials handling and Warehousing

Features & Options:

  • Sideshifter and Internal Hosing included
  • Standard, Full Free Lift triple Stage and HiLo uprights
  • Isolated operator cell
  • Full access clamshell hood
  • GM 4.3L LPG engine
  • Perkins 1004.4 diesel engine with vertical exhaust
  • Pre cleaner included
  • Two-pedal inch-brake system
  • Enclosed oil-cooled disc brakes
  • Two-speed electric shift transaxle
  • Dual Drive on CMP50S
  • Clark Safety Seat
  • Hood mounted hydraulic levers
  • Setting new standards for operator comfort and productivity