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Clark Gas/Diesel Forklifts: C 20/25/30/32C Gen 2 Series

By Clark Equipment

Cushion Tyre Forklift

C20C 2000 kg
C25C 2500 kg
C30C 3000 kg
C32C 3200 kg

Manufacturing, Warehousing, Beverage/Bottling and Trucking

Standard Features:

  • Standard, Triple, Hi-lo and Quad uprights
  • Full range of lift heights and options available
  • Isolated operator cell
  • Full access clamshell hood
  • CLARK Information Center, full LED/digital display
  • Automatic engine shutdown protection
  • High visibility "silent staging" uprights
  • Two-pedal inch-brake system
  • 2.4 liter balanced engine
  • Open core radiator is standard
  • CLARK Safety Seat
  • Setting new standards for operator comfort and productivity