AutoFlex Flexible Wall Feeders

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

The Autoflex Volumetric and Gravimetric feeders are designed to provide a reliable and accurate feed of granules and dry powders. The range of products handled varies from granules to chips, fibers to pellets, and fine powders to flakes to suit most business applications.

The Autoflex Flexible Wall Feeders uses synchronized flexing of the hopper walls to give an even and nonstop flow of materials that are otherwise unable to feed through most conventional feeders. The device consists of a flexible polyurethane hopper fitted with paddle type massagers in two zones. This two zone flexing action ensures the product flows towards the screw continuously. The device can be adjusted to fit the specific characteristics of the product being measured.

They are designed for materials to flow freely and precisely and are capable of throughputs of up to 27,500kg/hr with accuracies of ±0.25% per hour.

The side panels and helix can be released quickly for easier cleaning and maintenance. They are available in DIP and Atex hazardous area designs and, together with other Kockums equipment, are a common item in our turnkey systems.