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Wed May 22 2019

Kockums K400 Automatic Sack Opener

By Kockums Bulk Systems Pty Ltd

Kockums, the only Australian manufacturer of Automatic Sack openers, developed the K400 as a solution to rapidly open bags at rates of up to 400 bags/hour.

The K400 is simple to operate and well suited to a wide range of bag of up to 60kg in weight.

K400 is fitted with an inbuilt heavy duty sack compactor to manage the size and dust of the residue bags. It comes with a pulse cleaning dust collection system that returns filtered dust to the operating chamber. A version is available for DIP and hazardous environments.

A typical installation has a conveyor feeding the sacks into the unit where the sacks is opened while passing through a set of knives. The open sack drops into a trammel drum sieve to separate the product and the sack. The waste sack is then feed into a compactor and the product falls through the drum onto a vibrating screen and out to the process.

For safe lifting of sacks, it can be easily merged with Kockums VacuEasylift.