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Sat Mar 23 2019

Tuggalong Ride on Electric Tug

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Tuggalong Ride on Electric Tug

This gutsy little tug has a comfortable forklift type seat with a safety belt & is the most compact ride on tug available in the market today. It has a generous 200kg carrying capacity, including the driver & a 1000kg towing capacity @ 8km/h. At only 850mm wide & 1500mm long this little transporter can access areas previously unheard of. There is a cute back basket (750 x 750mm) for goods & a tow point, which can be configured to suit whatever is required to be towed. It features handle bar type steering, pneumatic drive wheels, 24V D.C. motor, automatic driving & park brakes, electronic dynamic braking, dead-man brake, in built charger & 105Ah deep cycle batteries. There is a host of ancillary controls like: hand lever accelerator, on/off key switch, battery condition indicator, battery isolator, emergency stop button, forward/reverse switch, audible alarm & optional flashing amber light. If a walk behind tug is too slow or there is a lot of real estate to cover, the ride on Tuggalong is the answer.