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Stretch Tape range

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Stretch Tape range

Safetech's automatic stretch tape wrapping system provides a real alternative to stretch film for high speed pallet wrapping. For many industries stretch tape has now become a preferred option for pallet stabilisation when compared with conventional stretch film.

  • Using the Safetech Stretch Tape Wrapper to apply 3M stretchable tape is easy for any pallet configuration.
  • Efficient tape usage.
  • A stable pallet load that can be transported and stored with confidence. Suitable for export.
  • Semi-Automatic mast wraps up to 2700mm high pallets.
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia.
  • Touch pad controls enable operators to easily select the optimum pattern for each pallet load. Options include the ability to programme banding suitable for in-house storage or full multi-x patterns that provide maximum load stability.

Lo Wrapper Tape

The Safetech Lo-Wrapper is a low profile stretch tape wrapper which features a turntable height of only 26mm. This allows an operator to use either a hand pallet truck or a fork lift to place and remove pallets from the wrapper since a fork lift is not always readily available for this task, especially in smaller operations.

Easy Wrapper Tape

The Stretch Tape Easy Wrapper has a galvanised base to withstand corrosion and a large diameter chequerplate turntable with a capacity of 2000kg. The base incorporates fork tyne sockets and the mast folds down for easy relocation and transport. Because it operates using 240 volts, the Easy Wrapper is easily installed without the need for three-phase supply. It is a quality Australian made product that is designed for ease of use in harsh conditions.