Free Standing Mega Dumper

By Optimum Handling Solutions
  • Free Standing Mega Dumper

A heavy duty, maintenance-free device smooth, safe & fully controlled tipping of cubic bins. Suitable for loads up to 750kg.

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Unique rotating tip action
  • Safety guarding to at least 2.5m
  • Electric interlocked door
  • 3 phase hydraulic power pack
  • Simple up / down control with emergency stop
  • Hydraulic pressure relief valve prevents overloading
  • Three models are available with 450, 600 & 750kg capacity
  • Available at any tipping height up to 6metres


  • Mobile unit
  • Full or part stainless steel
  • For bins up to 300kg ask about our separate Dump Master range.

Custom-built for your bin-tipping requirements; ideal for bakeries, fruit processors, meat processors, grape growers or wineries.

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