Kardex Shuttle XPlus


Used Kardex Shuttle XPlus: 

Enthusiasm for the new is very evident.
The future for storage is here and combines the proven and the new.
This storage equipment uses your available space in a better manner and increases the capacity.
It fulfils the security claims at the highest level and is proceeding with most modern operating technique

The KARDEX Shuttle XPlus is an ideal large capacity store on a footprint of only 19 m².
Several lift modules are connected through a travelling beam to a Shuttle XPlus system.
An extractor travels on the beam bringing the required tray with the stored goods either directly to the access opening or back to a free storage place in the systems modules.
The extractor travels diagonally through the lift modules for the shortest retrieval times.

In addition to the advantages of the Shuttle XP the Shuttle XPlus offers the following further benefits:
– Operation of several lift modules through one extractor platform
– Short distances between access openings for reduced walking times
– The number and position of the retrieval openings are selectable
– Optimal utilisation of previously inaccessible floor area such as corners and niches
– Storage of a larger volume than one single unit, with the same travelling speed as a single unit (technique of lifting beam)
– Faster picking scenarios

1 piece of used KARDEX Shuttle Xplus fully installed by an engineer and myself

Model No. : SHUTTLE-XPLUS-500-2x2450x864
Control : C2000
Type : H/N150/N75D18B/N75D18/N15/N75D09/20
Serial No. : 10007781/001
Year of construction : 2010
Total Load : 4 x 30,000 kg
Load per tray : 360 / 490 kg
Tray dimension : 2450 x 864 mm
Number of tray's : 86 pieces (more on request)
Dimensions Shuttle W x D x H : 6060 x 3074 x 5850 mm
Power : 3/N/PE400 V , 3 x 48 A , 50/60 HZ , 20 kVA

Technical details :
* Maximum total capacity of the KARDEX Shuttle XPlus : 4 x 30,000 kg
* Maximum tray capacity : 76 tray’s MEDIUM , 360 kg and 10 tray’s STRONG , 490 kg , More trays can be ordered.
* Tray dimensions : 2450 x 864 mm
* Machine dimensions : Wide x Depth x Height : 6060 x 3074 x 5850 mm
* Footprint of the system : 18.63 m2
* Capacity with 86 trays : 182 m2 , every tray is appx. : 2,117 m2
* Two access openings with sliding doors to protect people and stored goods
* Control C2000 with graphic display OP 2000
* Led-Pointer for indication of the product position
* Anti-dazzle lighting above access point
* Personal Key-code possibility
* Containers locking / security
* Use of toothed-belt for minimum noise
* Use of toothed-belt for fastest order picking
* The working positions can be adjusted individually depending on the body size
* Distances can be realised in steps of 25mm by arranging the support profile.
a prerequisite for high compression storage
* Weight management controls the weight of the tray/Shuttle
* Weight management controls the speed regulation

Price on request

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