Electric Pallet Jack

By Lencrow Forklifts

If you are still using a manual pallet jack - it's time to upgrade and push no more!

Electric pallet jacks are affordable and easy to use!

It is the MUST HAVE ITEM  for any warehouse that doesn't have large materials handling requirements. The electrical components in the battery powered pallet trucks supplied by Lencrow are top of the range and sourced from quality manufacturers. The preferred pallet truck is fitted with a German engineered, maintenance free and DC rechargeable battery. European engine component standards are the amongst the mostly highly rated in the world for efficiency, low emissions and electrical longevity.

The EPT20-15ET is tried and tested and backed with 100% after sales service when purchased through a Lencrow branch. The pallet mover comes standard with 12 months warranty when purchased brand new.

Lencrow has over 300 units in their own hire fleet across the nation. This pallet moving product is popular!

If you would like to trial one casually in your warehouse call your closest branch today - once you see how simple it is to use you will want your very own. Lencrow usually has stock available on hand due to popular demand. 

Or why not consider a long term rental option? You will have the best of both worlds - productivity and your budget planned. Flexibility is an important consideration for businesses looking to expand.

Are you happy with your handling? Call Lencrow for personalised service and have a materials handling consultant assess the best solution for YOU based on your business requirements. 

A holistic personalised materials handling solution service!

Priced from $3800 ouright

Priced $15* per day 

*Depends on rental term