Paldisc Turntable

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Paldisc Turntable

Manual or powered low profile or galvanised Safetech's range of turntables includes units from 2000kg to 8000kg capacity.

The Paldisc is unique to Safetech and provides rotation of up to 2 tonne and an ultra low turntable height of only 22mm - ideal for use with hand pallet trucks.

Paldisc is ideal for loading with hand pallet trucks. It’s low height of only 22mm is the lowest of any turntable on the market yet it is rated to two tonnes and makes rotation of loads easy and safe.

What do Turntables do?

  • Turntables are a simple aid to safer manual handling and eliminate the need for stretching when loading or unloading product. Ideal for areas where more complex lifting equipment can't be used turntables are inexpensive and durable.
  • Goods are simply placed on the turntable and then manually rotated to avoid stretch across the load