Lo Film Wrapper range

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Lo Film Wrapper range

Lo Wrapper provides the unique benefit of machine pallet wrapping that is easily accessible by a hand pallet truck because of the low 26mm turntable height. This allows an operator to use either a hand pallet truck or a fork lift to place and remove pallets from the wrapper when a fork lift is not suitable or available for the task.

Lo-Wrapper is priced to suit workplaces with light to moderate stretch wrapping needs. Lo-Wrapper is efficient and highly effective at preventing back strain and injury, which are the most common of all workplace injuries (Worksafe Australia), because it is designed to eliminate the dangerous and time consuming practice of stretch wrapping by hand.

Lo Wrapper is available in both Manual and Semi Automatic versions.

Manual Lo Wrapper

These wrappers provide a motorised rotating turntable and a mast carriage carrying the film that is operated manually. Safetech’s manual wrappers use a counter balanced carraige to make the manual raising and lowering of the mast easy.

Film usage is reduced by the application of a tension stretch force to the film. This does not stretch the film as much as powered pre-stretch.

Semi-Automatic Lo Wrapper

With the Semi Automatic Lo-Wrapper the mast is powered and all manual effort is eliminated. The operator simply attaches the film and starts the wrap cycle with the push of a button. Variable wrap patterns can be selected.

Stretching the film with the aid of a mechanical tensioning device reduces film usage.