Reel Handler Attachment

By Sitecraft
  • Reel Handler Attachment


Versatile reel handler enables easy and safe handling of reels or coils. The reel handler is used to lift and rotate reels of film and paper by gripping the reel's core. Available in a variety of configurations and lifting capacities of up to 200kg.
Logistec's full range of attachments can be quickly fixed or removed from any model of the stainless steel Compac lifter.
  • Available as Manual or Gearbox Rotation
  • Load capacity up to 200kg (440lbs)
  • Suitable for reel core diameters of 75mm (3”). Standard attachment to suit 152mm (6”) cores available. 
  • Built in Torque limiter to ensure correct gripping pressure is applied to the reel’s core .
  • Constructed mainly from anodised Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Acetal making it suitable for hygienic and clean room applications.
  • Fitted with expanding serrated jaws to provide maximum grip and cater for core.