Dock Safety Equipment - Smart Chock

  • Dock Safety Equipment - Smart Chock

Smart Chock Electronic wheel chock....that’s ultra smart.

Safe, reduces injuries, saves money....that’s smart.

We've created a complete communication and control system with our Driver-Targeted, high intensity lighting system an electronic wheel chock and the optional DockLogic, interlocking and information-storing system.

Ultra-Sonic Sensor

Smart Chock uses sound wave technology to detect chock placement, indicates to the driver the chock status, and sends that information to its inside control panel.

Ultra-Bright Light

Smart Chock uses high-intensity, red LED lights and a patented Driver- Targeted light process that targets and projects the light's beam at the driver's mirror when loading is in progress or when wheel is not safely chocked.

Ultra-Smart DockLogic System

Patent Pending. Smart Chock is so smart it can even track and store dock activity with the optional DockLogic upgrade package.

Ultra-Tough Construction

Smart Chock is not only smart - it's tough!

The fiberglass handle is virtually impossible to break, and the chock is made of high-strength aluminum.