Visual Manufacturing

By LSA Australia

VISUAL Manufacturing is a flexible and scaleable solution for growing manufacturers.
It is easy to use and and can help meet production needs, improve workflow, access real time information and improve customer service and on time deliveries. 

If you are a custom, make-to-order, assemble to order, make to stock or mixed-mode manufacturer, VISUAL Manufacturing has been designed to meet your planning and production strategies.

Standard core functionality includes quoting and estimating, bills of manufacture (materials & routings), inventory control, purchasing, order management, shop floor control, cost accounting, workflow, concurrent scheduling (finite and infinite),  dimensional inventory tracking, return material authorisation, messaging, management reporting and an executive information system.

Optional modules cover engineering change control, lot/serial traceability, master scheduling/MPR, labour and material barcoding, CRM Contact centre and CRM Field Service and financials. 

It also supports lean manufacturing strategies assisting companies to cut lead times, work in process and achieve on time deliveries for their customers.