Socrates - Enterprise Development Tool

By Cincom Systems of Australia

Socrates enables knowledge-based applications such as sales and product configurators to be driven by business rules, as opposed to conventional programming logic within typical price software. Socrates provides the functionality to streamline sales and service processes by providing intelligent advice and guidance at the point of customer interaction, proven by the effectiveness of sales and product configuration within Cincom’s Quote to Order solutions.

Socrates has a number of unique capabilities that make it the right tool for building these types of applications. The list includes:

  • Decision trees
  • Case tables
  • Hierarchies

In addition, Socrates has a number of additional features that enhance the development environment. These include:

  • Procedures (scripting)
  • Dialogs and reports

Many companies are using tools like Microsoft Visio to graphically document their business processes. These graphical representations of business processes are good, but they are only documents. With Socrates, that graphical representation is not only documenting the process, it is also implementing the process.

There are significant advantages for developers to build new applications using decision trees with Socrates, but the advantages in building a new application may be small compared to the advantages of maintaining the application using decision trees.

According to some estimates, 90% of the work done on an application throughout its lifetime is maintenance. Socrates’ decision trees are even more valuable in the maintenance process because the graphical representation makes it easy to make changes by dragging and dropping values into the correct tree branch. Also, end-users can verify the correctness
of the decision process because they already understand these types of diagrams.


  • Best of Breed solution with multi-vendor ERP integration architecture
  • Proven product with powerful rules engine
  • Single solution for web, client server and mobile deployment

Cincom Socrates is the best development tool for creating enterprise-wide, knowledge-based applications quickly. Those applications typically have a long life because they are easy to maintain, so business changes can be implemented quickly. Socrates developers find that they can quickly and easily begin being productive and they can respond to user requests for change much more effectively.