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Shop Floor Control

By LSA Australia

Infor VISUAL Enterprise offers you complete shop floor control through seamless integration of all its features, including inventory control, material and labor tracking and reporting, purchasing, and scheduling. Infor VISUAL Enterprise provides complete control over production operations, which eliminates redundant data entry and ensures consistency and accuracy throughout the shop floor.

  • Quickly generate work order travelers that include work instructions, linked files, design documents, and pictures.
  • Capture and analyze all labor, material, burden, and service costs charged against each work order.
  • Schedule orders individually or collectively to monitor the load on your shop floor.
  • Generate dispatch lists for your work centers.
  • View the immediate status of completion for a job.
  • Receive to stock or ship from the floor.
  • Ensure accurate inventories by linking purchased materials to work orders.
  • Manage material requirements by the job, by stocking levels, or a combination of both.
  • Manage and conduct your business based on up-to-the-minute information, a result of seamless integration of order entry, inventory, production, shipping, and invoicing.