Inventory Control


Infor VISUAL Enterprise gives you more control over your inventory by providing greater accuracy and immediate access to inventory information throughout the company. Infor VISUAL Enterprise automates the process of tracking parts by adjusting inventory whenever you create a transaction involving a part.

Inventory items can be designated as purchased, manufactured,stocked, or non-stocked so that you can immediately place a purchase order or issue a job order when you need a particular item. Infor VISUAL Enterprise also allows you to easily track material and costs on a per -project basis. The Material Planning window
provides an online, in-depth, time-phased, netting evaluation of your complete supply and demand situation for your parts. The extensive reporting capabilities of Infor VISUAL Enterprise provide complete profiles of any part in the system.

  • Assign comprehensive part definitions including variable length part numbers up to 30 characters long, extended part descriptions, user-definable fields, and supplier information.
  • Stock goods in one unit of measure while purchasing, selling, and/or consuming on a work order in another unit of measure.
  • Assign multiple warehouse locations for a part and/or multiple locations
    within a single warehouse.
  • Easily transfer parts between locations or warehouses.
  • Automatically issue materials by work order, operation, or sub-assembly.
  • Automatically issue floor stock items.
  • Set up specialized item pricing such as quantity and discounted pricing,
    contract pricing, etc., for both purchasing and selling.
  • Perform automated physical inventories, cycle counting, and ABC analysis.
  • Print standard reports that include a sales and purchase history and an inventory report of FIFO with cost.