Engineering Change Notice

By LSA Australia

The Engineering Change Notice (ECN) module allows you to establish controls and manage the process of making changes to documents and drawings, parts, Bills of Material (BOMs) and routings, work orders, and projects.

  • Create an ECN process flow with multiple ECN user groups and notification systems.
  • Generate and track ECN tasks and apply electronic signatures for approvals and task completion.
  • Track ECN and revision history on all parts, documents, bills of manufacture, work orders, and projects.
  • Maintain an audit trail of changes to the ECN record throughout the change process.
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of changes to the Bill of Material and routings.
  • Apply engineering changes to some, or all, relevant inprocess work orders.
  • Prevent transactions against parts and in-process work orders while they are under ECN control and notify engineers and production personnel of pending changes.
  • Update part or document revision levels automatically upon incorporating changes.