Dimensional Inventory Tracking

By LSA Australia

Infor VISUAL Enterprise’s Dimensional Inventory Tracking module provides you with an added level of control over your inventoried parts. Instead of simply seeing the total inventory quantity of the item, you can see the total quantity broken down by its various dimensional sizes. In addition, Dimensional Inventory Tracking allows you to issue a specified number of pieces by dimension, then lets the system calculate the correct total order quantity by making the necessary conversions.

Dimensional Inventory Tracking interacts with Infor VISUALEnterprise so that any transaction involving a part causes all associated values to be immediately adjusted. This high level of integration allows you to purchase, receive, and enter a material requirement simply by entering the number of pieces of material, the required dimensions, and the warehouse location.

Dimensional Inventory Tracking can also perform a physical inventory when you specify the number of pieces and dimensions of those pieces.

  • Define up to three dimensions and an unlimited number of dimensional records for each part.
  • Specify Unit of Measure conversions for materials.
  • Calculate purchase costs automatically.
  • Issue/return from WIP as well as adjust in/out for drop management.
  • Receive partial pieces that differ in sizethan those listed on the originating purchase order.
  • Track inventory by location of pieces within the plant for managing drops.
  • Take a full physical inventory by specifying the number of pieces and their dimensions.