By LSA Australia

Infor VISUAL DesignLink works with applications such as AutoCADĀ® from Autodesk to seamlessly integrate your engineering operations with your manufacturing operations. This allows enterprises to maintain and retrieve engineering and manufacturing information from a single, accessible source, improving communication, eliminating data entry, and ensuring consistency.

With Infor VISUAL DesignLink, you can create a Bill of Material (BOM) or Parts List within an existing or new drawing, and then use that information to build an engineering master, work order, or quote within VISUAL Enterprise that includes both materials and operations required in the manufacturing process. It provides a dynamic link between information in the AutoCAD drawing and the Infor VISUAL database, allowing you to browse and add parts directly between the two applications. Infor VISUAL DesignLink ensures control on the shop floor by allowing you to maintain and track engineering changes separately within Infor VISUAL Enterprise without updating the original drawing. This allows you to modify designs at the shop level without changing the original design template.

  • Allow engineering and manufacturing personnel to access the same design information within the context of their typical working environment.
  • Synchronize information throughout your enterprise, including up-to-date data about parts availability.
  • Create multiple BOMs from a single engineering drawing and maintain customizations within Infor VISUAL Enterprise to preserve the integrity of the drawing.
  • Update the Infor VISUAL Enterprise parts database with new parts supplied by engineering.
  • Create a BOM from an engineering design and create a new BOM each time you make revisions.
  • Eliminate redundant data entry by automatically adding pertinent information between applications.
  • Create drawing header information for storing and accessing files and for building part information.
  • E-mail an export file of drawing information to your associates.