CRM Solutions for Complex Manufacturers


Cincom Guided Selling & Product Configuration

Function/Applications of CRM Solution for Complex Manufacturers:
When your products or services present a complex set of choices for customers, or where product components and pricing elements are subject to rapid change, requiring sales teams to have access to up-to-date product and pricing information, Cincom’s Guided Selling and Product Configuration software fits the bill. It simplifies the most complex selling from made-to-order, engineer-to-order, assemble-to-order, to complex service offerings.

  • Slash times to quote and configure complex products, reduce re-work and increase win rates with rules-based configuration
  • Eliminate the need to search through manuals, chase experts, or anxiously await information via phone, fax or email.
  • Accelerate your sales cycle and increase win rates
  • Expand your sales channels
  • Make cross-selling easy
  • Decrease your cost to sell

Convert unique customer requirements into product offerings by addressing: needs assessment, product selection, product configuration, quotations, sales orders and manufacturing orders/bills of material routing and other back-office-facing input.

Provide information via the internet to sales agents, partners, prospects and customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide on a self-service basis, and easily tailor the view to each channel user to match their specific need and authorization.

Differentiating Features of CRM Solution for Complex Manufacturers:
Cincom’s CRM for Complex Manufacturing uniquely addresses the needs of complex manufacturing and engineering environments.