Cincom Acquire - Selling & Business Acquisition Solution


A selling and business acquisition solution for the sale and delivery of complex products and services. Respond to customer demand quickly, accurately and profitably. Cincom’s new comprehensive solution suite bridges the gap between front and back office systems. Dramatically streamline complex, expert-driven processes by integrating: People, Processes and Systems. Cincom Acquire delivers a depth of configuration and application functionality that supports the entire business acquisition process. Transform business processes and systems centric to your organization.

The five major components of this composite application will improve processes specific to: Quote to Order Engineer to Order and Contract-to-Order Manufacturing Benefits: Eliminates knowledge gaps and transforms lost opportunities into real customer demand Supports complex selling and fulfillment through Collaborative Management Connects by integrating front-office automation (CRM) with back-office production (ERP) Profit, from automation and integration Streamline and accelerate business processes with a powerful solution that delivers sales effectiveness and accuracy across multiple distribution and sales channels. Cincom Acquire spans all customer-facing methods, integrating as an end-to-end solution for highly efficient and profitable inquiry-to-order processes.

Grow, through collaboration and alignment Support the collaborative selling process with a solution that provides instant access to worldwide resources, inside and outside your company, through interface that is available 24/7. Reduce costs, with flexible technology Selectively apply Cincom Acquire components to existing systems and processes. Respond to customers with greater agility, through a web-based series of thin-client applications that support the “way you need to sell” complex products & services. Empower the knowledge worker, while automating the knowledge system Achieve a competitive edge for your company by responding to customer demand more effectively. Maintain systems at a more efficient level and avoid “chasing the experts” for tribal knowledge with common tools on a universal (SOA) platform. Cincom Acquire delivers end-to-end support for complex products and services.