Event Management



Lexian has been involved in many major sporting events that over the past six years and has developed a strong expertise in event logistics management and technology. Major events in which Lexian has been involved include:

Sydney Olympics 2000
Lexian worked with Linfox who was the logistics provider to the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. Lexian principally provided transportation modeling expertise to the logistics department of the Sydney organizing committee to determine transport and vehicle scheduling requirements.

Athens Olympics 2004
Lexian provided logistics support to the Australian Team prior to and for the duration of the Athens Olympic Games. This involved the coordination of all freight to and from Athens and organizing the transportation requirements for the athletes and officials while in Athens.

Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006
Lexian implemented the MDS component of the Event Manager Software to control and coordinate the scheduling of all forms of transportation during the Melbourne Games. The MDS scheduled some 13,000 catering, waste, bus and general deliveries to venues over the two week games period taking into consideration security checking, venue access and delivery time window requirements.

Beijing Olympic Games 2008
Lexian has for the past 12 months being providing logistics and technology advice to the logistics department within BOCOG.

Lexian Event Manager
Lexian Event Manager (LEM) is a comprehensive logistics and materials management system designed to automate the management and control of the procurement, warehousing, movement and disposal of assets and inventory for major business conventions and sporting events.

The key aspects of the system include:


  • Requirements Planning
  • Contract Management
  • Purchasing and Order Management

Inventory (Materials) Management

  • Asset/Inventory Tracking and Disposal
  • Warehouse and Venue Management

Transport Management

  • Transport Management and Scheduling prior to Games time
  • Master Delivery Schedule – Games time Transport Scheduling

Key benefits of the system are:

  • A fully integrated system that manages and records the procurement, warehousing, location, movement and disposal of materials for major events.
  • Comprehensive contract management functionality to manage and record the lifecycle of a contract from tender issue through to contract completion.
  • Requirements planning capability permitting the consolidation and coordination of individual venue/location requests for assets and inventory.
  • Order Management functionality allowing for venue specific or games/convention wide purchasing.
  • Inbuilt warehouse management system to record and manage storage of product.
  • Transport management capability allowing vehicle scheduling and time slotting, delivery confirmation and the production of a master delivery schedule.
  • Asset management functionality permitting the movement, disposal and tracing of assets.
  • Comprehensive reporting on all Event activities.