By Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

What do warehouses, truck bays, wharf areas, racetracks and airport runways have in common?

Answer: they are all subject to dropped nails, screws and damaging wire ends which cause expensive and time-consuming damage to tyres and equipment.

The Serpent & Dove LARGE AREA MAGNETIC SWEEPER (LAMS) provides a magnetically strong, lightweight, easily cleaned answer to getting large areas quickly and confidently cleaned of offending steel items.

The LAMS features a deep-field retractable rare earth magnet element to recover both small and large ferrous items. The magnet is housed in a robust aluminium body equipped with castors for parking the unit when not in use. The most popular design is for use with a forklift as pictured and is secured to the fork tines with permanent magnets in the carrying receptacles. The fork height is adjusted so that the bottom of the LAMS is about 50-75 mm off the ground or surface being swept. At the end of a cleaning run, the LAMS is taken to a designated collection area, the winch handle on top of the LAMS is wound a few turns to retract the magnet element within the body—and the collected fragments drop away. Two sizes are available 1.5 metre and 2.1 metre cleaning width.