Easy-Lift Permanent-Electromagnet Sheet Lifting module

By Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

The Tecnomagnete Easy-Lift is a lightweight steel sheet lifter for sheet as thin as 1.5 mm and up to a maximum weight of 600 Kgs and 3 metres in length.

This makes it perfect for fabrication shops and loading and un-loading of small cutting tables. A cable remote is supplied with Easy-Lift.

Easy-Lift will lift a single sheet from a stack as the short video shows.

Weight of Easy-Lift is just 170 Kgs. Among the advantages of Permanent-Electromagnets is the low power consumption. Lifting and carrying of load is effected by fail-safe Permanent Magnet elements which are magnetised and de-magnetised with a short burst of power. No battery back-up system is required for Permanent-Electromagnet Lifters. The easy-lift requires 3 phase supply.

Available ex-Serpent & Dove’s Sydney premises.