By Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

With many heavy steel lifting systems supplied across Australia, Serpent & Dove—Applied Magnetics is pleased with the take-up of Permanent-Electro Lifting Magnet technology in Australia. Systems have been supplied to many of Australia’s most significant laser and plasma cutting companies who are taking advantage of the benefits offered by permanent-electro magnet lifting systems.

Most significant among these advantages is the fact that no battery back-up system is required for these lifters as a load cannot be lost in the event of a power outage. In addition, permanent-electro lifters use power only briefly during the ‘activate’ and ‘de-activate’ action.

Magnetic lifting systems are available for plate, beams, slabs, pipes, rods, bars and indeed, all shapes and types of steel. The entire Tecnomagnete range is available from Serpent & Dove—Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd see our website and typical video at